Xeesa Ventdow
Less Heat for your living spaces in Singapore
  Singapore Weather and Heat Level
Singapore/South East Asia's 30 degree celsius VS Europe/America 30 degree celsius
Hot Weather Singapore
Singapore weather is hot and humid which varies around. Most of the time, we have humidity from 60% to 85%. This will bring the Heat Index(The hottest we feel instead of actual thermometer) to 35 degree celsius if 70% humidity. For Europe/US, the humidity level is lever around 50%, hence it is around 31 degree celsius. Conclusion, with high temperature and high humidity, the heat in Singapore/SEA is a total discomfort as compared to Europe/US.

To Calculate Heat Index, you can use the Heat Index Calculator by Calculator.Net
Install Xeesa Ventdow
Ventdow as Ventilation Windows Screen in Warehouse, Factory & Halls
To loss heat from trapped stale air in our living space.
  How does it help?
It can
  • reduce heat from home/office
  • reduce virus spreading to prevent any out break
  • save more electricity by having less relying on Aircon
  • save more money as extracting of stale air is healthier, so less-seeing of doctor
  • let people live healthier and better than before

  •   Features & Comparison
  • Dust Free Maintenance Design
  • Lose Heat Design according to Tropical Countries/Region Climate
  • Block against Sunlight or reflected rays from Water ponding or Rain
  • Durable Quality Aluminum Material to last a century or more
  • Easy to replace design if any alteration to add Ventilation Fans or escape door/window opening
  • Better privacy as the view is protect from the external view in any angle

  • Xeesa Ventdow VS Other Ventilation Screen/Windows

    Privacy Protected!
    Prevent Peeping Tom and Voyeur

    Lesser Heat Trapped

    Lesser Heat Trap

    Lesser Dust

    Lesser Dust

    Easier Installation & Alteration for other add-on features

    Ventdow Flexibility

      Application Examples
    Toilet Doors Ventdow Example Issue
    Tend to be able to leak water by showering/washing and privacy as gaps allowed people to peek inside or water leaking

    Install Xeesa Ventdow on Toilet Door Venthole. Privacy Protected. Water flow inside the toilet.

    School Hall Ventdow Example Issue
    Tend to be hot due to the air is trapped below the hall roof

    Install Xeesa Ventdow instead of the ventilation screen for the top part of the hall. Better Heat escaping. Applicable to Factories, Farms, Warehouse & Sports Hall.

    Substation Ventdow Example Issue
    Telecommunications, Generator, Pump rooms or substation equipment tend to break down faster due to the heat inside the warm room with current ventilation screen window

    Replace the ventilation screen windows with Xeesa Ventdow for these equipment rooms. Equipment Last longer due to less heat trapped.

      Contact to Install
    Ventilation Ventdow Showroom

    Showroom Location: 11 Sin Ming Rd #B3-09 Unit 7, Thomson V Two.
    Map: View Google Map
    Opening hours: 8am - 8pm Daily including Public Holidays.
    Xeesa Ventdow Location

    How to get there?
    Bus : 52, 130, 162, 163, 165, 166, 167, 410, 855, 980
    MRT Station : Marymount MRT Stn(Exit A. Walk 10mins along Marymount Rd and Shunfu Rd or you can take bus 410G)
    Drive :
    From West : PIE-> Lornie Rd -> Upp Thomson Rd -> Sin Ming Rd
    From East : Bartley Rd -> Bradell Rd -> Upp Thomson Rd -> Sin Ming Rd
    From South East : PIE -> Thomson Rd -> Upp Thomson Rd -> Sin Ming Rd
    From South : CTE -> Braddell Rd -> Upp Thomson Rd -> Sin Ming Rd
    From North : SLE -> Upp Thomson Rd -> Sin Ming Rd
    From NorthEast : CTE -> Braddell Rd -> Upp Thomson Rd -> Sin Ming Rd
    Basement Parking : Thomson V2 @ $1.50 per hour from 6am-6pm, $3.80 per entry from 6pm-12mn, $10 per entry from 12mn-6am Daily (Max Height: 2.1M). Grace Period Free Parking for 10 mins. Alternative parking will be at HDB or Private Estate Parking Opposite Thomson V Two.

    Singapore Ventilation Showroom

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